It Pays To Have Friends Contest

Rules & Regulations

1. Different kinds of referral are worth different point values (Please refer to point value list)
2. Contact information for referrals can be submitted using the form below or they can be emailed to any NJAN staff member
3. All referrals will be tracked by the NJAN staff
4. The leaderboard will be updated on Friday of each week

5.  There will be five Monthly winners and one Grand Prize winner
6.  Points carry over each month until the Grand Prize is awarded

Point Values

Provide email / phone number – 5 points
Introductory phone call (Member calls referral prospect to discuss NJAN prior to our first contact) – 10 points
Introductory meeting (Member joins us on our first meeting with referral prospect) – 20 points

*if we sign your referral you get an additional 20 points!

Win A Trip To Florida!

Hotel and Airfare Included!







Last Month's Winner

LG Insurance Agency 

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