“Scratch agent since 2008 and started with NJAN in 2009. I could not have reached my current level of success without this level of support”

Ryan Toto
Founder, CEO
Toto Group, LLC
North Brunswick, NJ

“Alliance Brokerage has been a NJAN member for over 25 years. Joining NJAN was the best move EVER since we were a small agency. From day one we had access to over 24 companies. Besides the great people who work there, the underwriting team will do everything in their power to help you succeed.”

John Mancini and Sal Fede
The Alliance Brokerage Firm
Caldwell, NJ

“NJAN has been an integral part of our agency’s growth. They provide greater market access, better commissions, and the experience and knowledge to grow profitably. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our partnership with NJAN.”

Matthew Rotkowitz
Rock Insurance Agency, Inc
Medford, NJ

“We opened our agency about 12 years ago and for the first couple years we specialized in Environmental Insurance. When it was time to expand into P & C, we needed access to markets and initially this is what drew us to NJAN and SIAA. We quickly discovered that their organization would assist us in so many other ways. They were instrumental in helping us grow our agency with assistance in staffing, implementation of a new agency management system, and training on the many various SIAA tools at their disposal, in addition to being particularly helpful with our new employees. As promised, we received direct access to carriers far sooner than would be granted on our own.

For a new agency, having this kind of support is invaluable. The staff is completely accessible with a great response time. From the wonderful individuals in each department getting quotes all the way up to the marketing reps and management, it feels like they have a vested interest in our agency’s success.

Now we are eight years into our partnership with NJAN and we are still receiving the same level of support. We are mostly quoting with our direct markets but still use NJAN for some carriers we need access to.

When we were considering joining NJAN we received great reviews from current members and mixed reviews from non-members, who were skeptical about any fees that may be charged when joining a network. I’ll leave you with this fact: we are eight years in and our agency’s bonuses from NJAN and SIAA national overrides throughout each year make any fees to be a member inconsequential. In my opinion, even a well-established agency can benefit greatly.”

Aldo Salonna
Managing Member
PPIS Insurance
North Brunswick, NJ

“Our agency joined NJAN in September 2017. Our experiences, from receiving value-added services like complimentary Continuing Education credits, to participating national override programs, to helping us gain an important new appointment with a strategic carrier, have reinforced the idea that joining was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a while. “

Art Farren
SVP, Principal
Conover Beyer Associates, Inc.
Manasquan, NJ